US Navy Submarine Service Memorial - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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US Navy Submarine Service Memorial

2018, Memorials
About This Project

Dedicated in 1984 and sponsored by the U.S. Submarine Veterans of World War II, Kansas Chapter, a large replica of an MK-14 Submarine Torpedo rests along the Arkansas River, accompanied by the SS Dorado Memorial.

During World War II, American submarines were crucial to isolating, and later defeating, the Empire of Japan. Together, these two memorials honor the World War II soldiers who lost their lives due to submarine warfare.

The SS Dorado set sail on October 6, 1943 from New London, Connecticut. The submarine was scheduled to arrive at the Panama Canal Zone, but she never arrived to the location. A search party was launched, but no contact had been reported; the sub was reported lost.

The memorial sits along the Arkansas River, honoring the 52 men who lost their lives on October 12, 1943. Each of their names are etched in the dark stone, underneath a silhouette of the ship.

Photo Credit: Dave Norris
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