US Bicentennial Flag Pavilion Memorial - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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US Bicentennial Flag Pavilion Memorial

About This Project

Dedicated in 1977, 15 flags fly over the US Bicentennial Flag Pavilion, beginning with the flag flown on Christopher Columbus’ Santa Maria, and finishing with the current American flag. Under every flag is its own plaque, reciting the history and importance of each flag throughout America’s history. Together, these 15 flags and the pavilion represent the evolution of America over the past two centuries.


Throughout history, America has had many flags representing it: the flag on the Santa Maria when Christopher Columbus arrived, the Union and Confederate Flags during the Civil War, early designs for the current flag, and the British flag before the American Revolution. The flag pavilion symbolizes and shows the history and the progress of America since its founding.


In 2015, the Confederate battle flag was removed and, instead, was replaced by the Kansas Flag and construction of the Reconciliation Memorial was approved.


Photo Credit: Dave Norris
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