Vietnam Veterans Day Commemoration - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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Vietnam Veterans Day Commemoration

2021, Events
About This Project

By presidential proclamation, March 29 is designated as the annual observance of Vietnam Veterans Day.

At 12:15 March 29, 2021 under sunny skies but braving very strong winds (even for Kansas), a crowd of about 70 people gathered at WVMP for a ceremony honoring American military personnel who served in the Vietnam War. Larry Skelton served as event Master of Ceremonies.

Four Vietnam veterans spoke at the ceremony relating their experiences serving in Vietnam during the War:

  • Larry Skelton served as an Air Force Petroleum, Oil and Lubricants (POL) supply officer,
  • Dale “Doc” Holsey served as a Fleet Marine Force Corpsman and flew MEDEVAC flights,
  • Ken Allred served in the Army artillery as a cannoneer, and
  • Bryson Allen served as Regimental Radio Chief for the 26th Marine Regiment.

A 21-gun salute was fired by the Air Capitol Detachment of the Marine Corps League.  John Noonan, a US Navy veteran who served during the Vietnam War, and Jeff Lilley, a member of the Sons of the American Legion, played “Echo ‘Taps’” on the trumpet to honor those who served and did not come home or who perished later due to injuries sustained in Vietnam.

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