US Merchant Marine Memorial - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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US Merchant Marine Memorial

2018, Memorials
About This Project

Dedicated in 1996, both the US Navy Armed Guard and the US Merchant Marine Memorials honor the sacrifices of the crews and ships used to transport necessities during wartime. The US Merchant Marines were an entirely volunteer group recruited during World War II to transport goods such as oil, gas, and ammunition. The gray, stone memorial gives insight into the sacrifices and realities the crewmen faced during their time at war.


The ships manned by the Merchant Marines were unarmed, but were crucial for delivering supplies to the frontlines. Even with the protection of the US Navy Armed Guard, the Merchant Marines still recorded “866 ships sunk or damaged, 609 crewmen taken P.O.W with 54 dying in prison camps” according to the memorial.


The memorial reads: “In memory of those who plied the North Atlantic Routes, the Murmansk Run, the invasions of N. Africa, Italy, Normandy, Philippines, Okinawa and every other major invasion around the world.”


Photo Credit: Dave Norris
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