Kansas Korean War Veterans - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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Kansas Korean War Veterans

About This Project

Following the Cold War, Korea split into 2 sovereign states, North and South Korea, with neither accepting the border and both claiming authority over all of Korea. After only two months of war, North Korea, with Soviet Union and Chinese aid, acquired territory early. South Korea, along with United States and United Nation forces, were almost completely conquered in September, 1950. With a counter attack from South Korea and its allies, North Korean forces were forced to retreat until 1951. The fighting continued for two more years until the Korean Demilitarization Zone was created in July, 1953. As of today, the two Koreas are, technically, still at war, engaged in frozen conflict, since no peace treaty has been signed.


Dedicated in 2001 to all Kansans who served during the Korean War, the memorial reads: “This Memorial is dedicated as a lasting tribute to all the service men and women of the United States Armed Forces from the state of Kansas and in memory of those who made the supreme sacrifice with their lives on the battlefields of North and South Korea, so that the Republic of South Korea shall remain free.” Each side of the 6-sided memorial is dedicated to all involved, from Prisoners of War, to the Marine Corp, the Navy, and the Air Force. A kneeling American soldier rests at the top.


Photo Credit: Dave Norris
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