Commemoration of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror - Wichita Veterans Memorial Park
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Commemoration of 9/11 and the Global War on Terror

About This Project

The Wichita weather on the afternoon of September 11, 2022 all but mirrored the weather on the eastern American seaboard on the tragic morning of September 11, 2001 – beautiful blue skies, mild temperatures and almost no wind. In front of the Operation Freedom Memorial this September 11, a ceremony was held honoring all those Americans who served in Desert Storm, Desert Shield, those who died in the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 and those who served in the subsequent War on Terror and Operation Iraqi Freedom.

The colors were posted by four members of the McConnell AFB Honor Guard and the keynote speaker was Captain Sean Peters, Commander of the Wichita Recruiting Company, which reports to the Oklahoma City Army Recruiting Battalion.

The ceremony was attended by American Legion Riders and several patriotic citizens and concluded with a gun salute provided by the Air Capital Marine Corps League and two trumpeters playing “Echo Taps” (one stands off, over a hill, and plays the “echo” throughout the tune).

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